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The Drama

The Drama was founded by Joel Speasmaker in early 2000 as an artists collective, showcasing its members artwork online and in gallery shows throughout the East Coast. The magazine began shortly after as an extension of these outlets, focusing solely on the members and their work, but quickly evolved into examining a larger scope of artists as its network of contributors and collaborators continued to increase. The magazine served as the most visible part of the tri-fold entity which was The Drama, but equally important were The Drama Store, featuring limited edition, handmade, and hard to find products and The Drama Presents, nation-wide gallery exhibitions featuring artists within the network. The magazine ran a total of nine issues, ending publication in 2006, while the rest of The Drama activities continued until 2007.

The Drama Issue 09 (cover art by Henrik Drescher), 2006 — The Drama Issue 08 (cover art by Josh Petherick), 2006 — The Drama Issue 07 (cover art by Elvis Studio), 2006 — Button Set #4, collaboration with Rad Mountain (Wyeth Hansen, Garrett Morin, Ryan Waller), 2005

“Face” logo by Florencio Zavala — The Drama Issue 06 (cover art by Brian Roettinger), 2005 — Special edition Poketo wallets, by Brian Roettinger, 2005

The Drama Issue 05 (cover art by Geneviève Castrée), 2005 — The Drama Pocket Library Series #2 (Lee Misenheimer, Deanne Cheuk, Florencio Zavala, Matt Leines), 2005 — The Drama Issue 04 (cover art by Matt Leines), 2004 — Row Boats Home, exhibition postcard and buttons, 2004

The Drama Pocket Library Series #1 (Eduardo Recife, Garrett Morin, Ron Regé, Jr., Marc Bell), 2004 — Button Set #3 (featuring Ron Thompson and Drew Heffron), 2004 — The Drama Issue 03 (cover art by Salt Tooth Press), 2004

The Drama Issue 02 (cover art by Chuck Anderson, button by Ron Thompson), 2004

Sirens “The Drama” EP (Michael Ireland, Robert Ulsh, Clinton Kesler, Taylor Potter), artwork and lettering by Suzy Coady, 2004 — Release party t-shirt design, by Joel Speasmaker, 2003

The Drama Issue 01 (cover art by Ron Thompson), 2003 — Logo by Joel Speasmaker

Postcard Sets (artist’s shown: Drew Heffron, Samuel Cocke, Anna Simonse, Suzy Coady, Arthur Soontornsaratool, Nathanael Roney), 2003 — Button Set #2 (Nathanael Roney, Travis Robertson, Samuel Cocke), 2003 — Buttons #1 (Samuel Cocke, Joel Speasmaker), 2003 — Exhibition postcard and booklet, by Joel Speasmaker, 2003