FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Drama: Issue 08

Editor and Creative Director Joel Speasmaker

Assistant Editor Travis Robertson

Contributing Editor Max Hubenthal

Contributing Art Director Archie Lee Coates IV

Contributing Art Director Ron Thompson

Advertising Anna Simonse

Advertising Jason Lefton

Copy Editor Mike Ball

“You Do Look a Holy Shawl!”

Wrap-around cover and 10 page feature/interview with Josh Petherick, conducted by Mikko Käppi — Interview/feature with Josh Cochran (conducted by Rachell Sumpter) — Beating A Dead Horse, a photo documentation by Gluekit — How-to lesson from Hot & Cold / Keepsake Society — Part Chimp tour diary — Part Two of Where Art and Commerce Collide by Ed Looram, featuring interviews with David Gensler, Eric Elms, Fraser Cooke, & Nat Thomson — A short story by Pia Ehrhardt, with illustrations by Kyle Field — Comics by Jenni Rope, Leif Parsons, Tom Kaczynski, Matthew Thurber, Zak Sally, Brian Ralph, Ron Rege Jr, Marc Bell, Vanessa Davis, Max Hubenthal, Nicolas Robel, Alex Lukas, David Abbott, Dash Shaw, Jacob McGraw, Mark Burrier, Till Thomas, Zack Soto, Steak Mtn., and Derek M. Ballard — Contributions from James Jean, Black Dice, Marian Bantjes, Jonathan LeVine, Magic Pony, Amy Giunta, Bryan Sheffield and more.