FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Drama: Issue 07

Editor and Creative Director Joel Speasmaker

Assistant Editor Travis Robertson

Contributing Art Director Ron Thompson

Staff Writer / Artist Max Hubenthal

Copy Editor / Advertising Anna Simonse

Advertising Matt Rubin

“Into Your Eyes and Ears and Then Into Your Brain”

Wrap-around cover and 12 page feature/interview with Elvis Studio, conducted by Alvin Buenaventura — Interviews with Julie Doucet (conducted by Dan Nadel) and AJ Fosik (conducted by Matthew Newton) — How-to lesson from Rad Mountain; Ryan Waller and Garrett Morin — Chromatics tour diary — “Where Art and Commerce Collide” by Ed Looram, featuring interviews with Augie Galan, Steven Nereo, Karl Peters, Jeremy Dean and James Widegreen — This It, a comics & writing supplement, featuring comics by Tom Gauld, Brian Ralph, Zak Sally, Nicolas Robel, Leif Parsons, Tom Kaczynski, Paper Rad, Ron Rege Jr, Marc Bell, Vanessa Davis, Max Hubenthal, David Heatley, Mark Burrier, Alex Lukas, Dash Shaw, Oura Sananikone and Travis Robertson, a story by Steve Almond, and more — Contributions from Loyal, Junc, Sara de Bondt, Dan Monick, Jason Frank Rothenberg, and more.