FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Drama: Issue 06

Editor and Creative Director Joel Speasmaker

Assistant Editor Travis Robertson

Contributing Art Director Ron Thompson

Staff Writer / Artist Max Hubenthal

Copy Editor / Advertising Anna Simonse

Advertising Matt Rubin

“The Solid Ground of the Earth”

Wrap-around cover and 8 page feature/interview with Brian Roettinger, including a complete Hand Held Heart discography — Land Masses, exclusive work from Wes Lang, Harrison Haynes, Oliver Rosenberg, and Adam Juresko — Land & Water, photography by Russell Kleyn — A screenprinting lesson from Seripop — This It, a comics & writing supplement, featuring comics by Nicolas Robel, Leif Parsons, Tom Kaczynski, Till Thomas, Ron Rege Jr, Marc Bell, Vanessa Davis, Max Hubenthal, Steven Weissman, Jessica Williams, Alex Lukas, Laura Park, Oura Sananikone and Travis Robertson, and columns from Mike Ball/Angela Michie, Marsea Goldberg of New Image Art, Tim Morris, David Abbot, and Florencio Zavala — Contributions from Bob Kronbauer, Drew Heffron, Marian Bantjes, Gary Baseman, Motel, Cinders, and more.