FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Drama: Issue 05

Editor and Creative Director Joel Speasmaker

Contributing Art Director Ron Thompson

The Brain Trust Travis Robertson and Max Hubenthal

Advertising Sales Anna Simonse

Copy Editor James Hughes

“The A to Z Issue”

Wrap-around Cover and 10 page feature/interview with wonderful Canadian artist Geneviève Castrée — A to Z, exclusive work by an international group of 26 artists, each interpreting one letter of the alphabet. Artists include Jordan Crane, Lump Lipshitz, Henrik Drescher, Saelee Oh, Kevin Christy, Lee Misenheimer, Maya Hayuk, Yuko Kondo, Katsuo Design, Helge Reumann, Frank McCauley, Cody Hudson, Phil Elverum, Matt Irving, Dan McCarthy, Evah Fan, Eduardo Recife, Mauro Gatti, James Jean, Xavier Robel, Syrup Helsinki, Sammy Harkham, Rachell Sumpter, Ed Martinez, Tom Gauld, and Matthew Curry — A photo review of a recent group show, Row Boats HomeThis It, a 16-page comics/writing supplement, featuring comics by Ron Rege Jr, Marc Bell (plus a collaboration by the two!), Steven Weissman, Suzy Coady, Travis Robertson, and Max Hubenthal, and writings by Clarke Boehling, Tim Morris, Kevin Hyde, Mark Capon, and Matthew Newton, illustrated by Florencio Zavala and Garrett Morin, and more.