FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Drama: Issue 03

Editor and Creative Director Joel Speasmaker

Contributing Art Director Ron Thompson

First Mate Nathanael Roney

“The True Love Issue”

Wraparound cover by Salt Tooth Press — Interviews with and original work by ten creative couples, including Ben & Renee Loiz (Typevsm), Brian Roettinger & Anna Simonse (Handheldheart), Andy Mueller & Jennifer Pitt (The Quiet Life), Dustin Amery Hostetler & Jemma Gura (Purpastoe), John Orth & Alan Calpe, Stephanie Hutin & Florencio Zavala (Big Skills), Jim Houser & Rebecca Westcott, Michael & Laura Leon (Commonwealth Stacks), Jeremy Taylor & Allyson Mellberg, and Scott Herskovitz & Grace Hsiu — A photo review of the Fred Was Here show put on by Gum — Comics by Max Hubenthal & Travis Robertson — Story by Drew Horton with illustrations by Corey Pierce.