Art Direction

Poketo grafts elements of art and design into home goods and practical objects. Founded in 2003 by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, the lifestyle brand began with a series of artist-designed wallets and developed into an online destination for curated offerings. They have steadily expanded their own line of products, opened a number of retail locations, and worked with brands like Nike, Disney and Target.

Photographs courtesy of Poketo

Forest designed an identity system and logo based on Poketo’s philosophy of meaningful artistic collaboration. The letterforms are a framework for colored shapes (representing the input of a wide-ranging group of artists) that fit together to spell “POKETO,” sometimes overlapping in purple intersections. The look is clear and bright and conveys the imagination and possibility that underlies their motto: Art for your everyday.

Poketo took a big step in partnering with Target to launch an exclusive line of products and called on Forest to apply this new branding to labels, hang tags, and display systems for stores nationwide. Having known and worked with the company since those early wallet days, we were pleased to be able to meet their design and identity needs on this larger scale.

Look book photographs by Ye Rin Mok

Along with our involvement on the Target line, Forest developed a variation of Futura — titled “Futuro Poketo” — in thin and thick weights, used in various applications of the brand. We also worked on two special Poketo collaborations — a limited camera body with Lomo, and two digital wristwatch variations with Furni, translating Poketo’s unique aesthetic sensibility to these very specific objects.

Forest played a role in further collaborations with Target, including planners, wall and desk calendars. Poketo embodies the ideal of a modern, creative brand — overflowing with vitality and devotion to excellent work. Understanding how someone else sees the world is essential for the task at hand, but also an opportunity to learn and grow ourselves, an opportunity to engage in a respectful and productive conversation with another creative force.