Art Direction

Moon Juice is a mini-empire of natural instincts with three Los Angeles locations and a line of retail products ranging from dried mango slices to ‘sex dust.’ Forest designed their logo and developed a complete visual identity in collaboration with founder Amanda Chantal Bacon at the start of the company in 2009.

Photograph by Mirella Cheeseman

Photographs by Bethany Nauert & Julia Stotz

Applied in a pure blue and white palette, the logo conveys both starry kineticism and practical wisdom. It scales up or down with equal impact, on outdoor signage, individual bottles, a truck, and so on.

The logo incorporates a few key cultural touchstones: the wavy typographic experiments of Sister Corita, the modernist geometry of Alexander Calder and iconic lunar textures. The shapes have a story — Moon Juice aims to stimulate the soul as well as nourish a body.

Photographs by Helen Pockett, Hayley Larue, Bethany Nauert & Julia Stotz

Forest is a small studio, but we are close to a group of collaborators who possess great aesthetic and professional capabilities, so we can handle larger projects in more meaningful ways. Working with interior designer Dustin Miles and illustrator Caroline Hwang, we created in-store displays to compliment the brand’s delicate balance between body and spirit.

Photograph by Julia Stotz

As future projects went in-house with designer Heather Scott, the assets (including a custom font based on the logo) and visual direction that Forest established have continued to serve the unique goals of Moon Juice. We’re proud of our work with this company, one that desires to be more than a cosmic retailer and juice dealer, but to play a conscious role in their community.