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Of Great Masses Moving at Visionary Speeds

24 pages
French’s Pop-Tone Banana Split
5 x 7″
First Edition

A part of Small Books Set One

There is only one part of the day where I truly feel free. It happens each morning as I wake up, always somewhere around 7:45am, that moment where the light of the sun is just right, making me feel like my spirit is glowing, in all shades of yellow and gold and copper and sometimes even the spectrum of a rainbow; like my body is floating, slowly meeting the point where the sky gently touches the earth; like my limbs are released from the pressures of functioning according to my will; like my thoughts are the thoughts of all others awake at this exact moment, clear and coherent and completely hidden from the demands that the day will ask of me, will force out of me. It is only then that clothes are unnecessary, the sun will cover me; food is unnecessary, the sun will sustain me; moving is unnecessary, the sun will carry me; belief is unnecessary, the sun will bless me. God is the sun.