FOREST — Art Direction & Graphic Design

Lesson 01

Two-Color T-Shirt
“Time Waits For No One” Embroidered Symbol
Available in Black or White 60/40 Crewneck
$25 (plus shipping)

Post Aesthetic Individualist Anarchism

It is frighteningly now the past versus the future. It is without ego, without hate, without government, without religion. It is peaceful and romantic and powerful. It is youth. It is simple living, it is self-sufficiency, it is the open air. It is both philosophy and practicality. It is change. It is the unknown, it is not tradition. It is education, it is not revolution. It is slow, it is with purpose. It is expression, it is beautiful. It is acknowledgement. It is a helping hand. It is speaking up. It is to love is love to love is love.

It is mind over matter. It is human over nation. It is you over God.