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La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

24 pages
French’s Pop-Tone Sweet Tooth
5 x 7″
First Edition

A part of Small Books Set One

La Recoleta is a famous cemetery located in the exclusive Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, containing graves and mausoleums of some of the most important persons of the country. The cemetery is laid out in a fascinating system of wide main walkways and tight branch-like alleyways, all containing row after row of the deceased, separated into uniform plots identified by surname. Ranging from simple one-room structures perfectly fitting a single casket to multi-leveled altars celebrating (and containing) several members of a family, the cemetery almost feels more like a small invisible city than its true, and more somber, purpose. Instantly apparent to us was that almost all mausoleum entryways revolved around a cross, yet no two crosses where the same, and each was equally as beautiful as the hundreds of others. This is a small collection of some of them.